Project Updates

This post is just to let you all know where I am at with various projects. Here we go…

The Chickens: Remember when I started this project? The chicks are almost six months old now! They’ve been doing pretty well. The vet has been diligent about vaccinations and we expect them to start laying eggs soon! I love watching the chickens – they seem so healthy and I think they are content because whenever I go over to the coop to see them they are running about and talking happily.

Spelling Bee: Fully funded! So I’ll be bringing two kids from my village to the spelling bee in June and hope they have fun!

Camp GLOW: You all jumped at my request for help raising money to buy the journals for the girls, so thank you! My mom has purchased and shipped the journals; now we just gotta cross our fingers to hope the boxes all arrive. In the meantime, the camp itself is still over $2000 short of the budget, so please please think about donating online at (and search for the project under last name “Baug”). All the volunteers involved in this project are working together to raise the money from home, but the camp is supposed to take place in just one month!

Relay run across Benin: I talk about running a lot, and in my last blog post I briefly described the relay run I’ll be participating in next month to raise money for gender equality and women’s empowerment projects. The site where you can donate is here: Check it out! There’s a description of the project and a short (and really good) video about girls’ empowerment in Benin.

Library project: My friend’s library is going forward! Thank you to anyone who reached out to her on my recommendation and donated to her project. Yay!

With much love and thanks!!

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  1. Carol Newman says:

    Hi Heidi,
    What a time and plethora of experiences you have had!!! A two years you will carry with you forever. Am excited to see you back safely in the states – and also your dog.


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