It’s In A Book!

Over the past 20 months, I’ve been sent several boxes of books from home – French English dictionaries and English picture books for my English club students. I never imagined how much love and use these books would see! But here in Benin, books aren’t something most kids have access to. Even kids who don’t know any English yet will come by asking if they can borrow a book for a week just to have something to flip through and talk about. So I’m putting a post on my blog to ask for your help now in helping a friend of mine and fellow volunteer build a library in her community. She’s raising money through the same “Peace Corps Partnership Program” process that I used to raise money for my chicken project. I wouldn’t normally post about other volunteers’ projects on my blog to ask for money for them – because every volunteer is raising money for something! But Amber, the volunteer doing this project, is one of the hardest working volunteers I know and has put everything into her and now has limited time to raise the funds for this library! So, if this type of project interests you, help her out! Thank you!

This is the link to her project, and any donation is tax-deductible.

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